Piano Wizard

Piano Wizard 1.0

Get your piano classes while you are playing on the Piano Wizard

Piano Wizard is a wizard game by Allegro Rainbow that will teach you how to play the piano effortlessly. The aim of the game is to provide sound and color learning cues which will make the tedious and repetitive piano practice sessions into an educative game. This excellent game for people of all ages and musical abilities uses thousands of MIDI song files available in music stores and on the Internet.
This perfect game for piano players, parents, and music teachers supports the option to upload any song into the game that can be instantly created as a new video game experience or music lesson. The database includes a variety of songs ranging from Bach to the Beatles, religious hymns and children favorites. This game builds a player's confidence and self-esteem by teaching him to read music and play the piano just by having fun - playing a non-violent video game. Each time you touch the right note, you are rewarded automatically by the game. The simple interface even teaches children as young as 3 to play the piano.

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